WWE WrestleMania 36 Betting Odds

WrestleMania 36 is this Sunday and, while the show has been pre-taped, you can still bet on the event.

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The card is going through some unique changes that we haven’t even quite seen yet. As of this writing, there is a Goldberg vs. Roman Reigns that is being advertised, but there have been numerous reports that state this match is not happening. The rumors are that Roman has been replaced by Braun Strowman, but nothing has happened on television or in WWE’s advertising to confirm that.

Some interesting odds with many of the babyfaces being heavy favorites. The one exception might be Becky Lynch at +130. I could honestly see her retaining here to put a stamp on one year as champion.

Unfortunately, UK sportsbooks are no longer offering betting odds on this event. The reason is because there are laws against offering betting odds on events that have already been pre-taped, even if the results aren’t known. There are still some betting props at 888 Sport about the match order and things like that if you are interested in checking those out.

Odds below are from BetOnline.

Wrestlemania 36 Betting Odds:

  • Aleister Black -475 vs Bobby Lashley +300
  • Edge -350 vs Randy Orton +225
  • Elias -120 vs King Corbin -120
  • Sasha Banks +100 vs Bayley (c) +125 vs Lacey Evans +400 vs Naomi +650 vs Tamini +3300
  • Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler +120
  • Sami Zayn -200 vs. Daniel Bryan +150
  • The Miz & Morrison +100 vs. The Usos +125 vs. New Day +300
  • Shayna Baszler -170 vs Becky Lynch +130 (c)
  • The Fiend -500 vs John Cena +300
  • Rhea Ripley -175 (c) vs Charlotte Flair +135
  • Kevin Owens -180 vs Seth Rollins +140
  • The Undertaker -400 vs AJ Styles +250
  • Drew McIntyre -350 vs Brock Lesnar +225

Wrestlemania 36 Notable Props:

  • Will President Trump Tweet about Wrestlemania? No -1500 Yes +600
  • Will Gronk become IC or US Champ? No -400 Yes +250
  • Will Gronk become WWE or Universal Champion? No -1750 Yes +600

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WrestleMania is still happening.

It’s been a very interesting couple of weeks when it comes to WWE and WrestleMania. The company very badly needed to cancel for the health and safety of their fans, but was hesitant to make an announcement. Eventually their hands were tied and they announced that WrestleMania will still be taking place at the WWE Performance Center with only essential personnel.

While it’s crazy to think of WrestleMania without fans, by April 5th everyone will be very happy to have this content in their lives. As a sports bettor, I will be very happy to have this event in my life with so many leagues cancelling. This could be one of the most watched WrestleMania events in years with so little competition in the marketplace.

So, WrestleMania is still happening and they have some great matches for us. It will be weird without fans in the arena, but I expect them to pull out all the stops to make this an entertaining show.

The card, as it stands right now:

WWE WrestleMania 36 Betting Odds:

  • Shayna Baszler (-165) vs. Becky Lynch (+125)
  • Drew McIntyre (-400) vs. Brock Lesnar (+250)
  • Roman Reigns (-1000) vs. Goldberg (+550)
  • Bray Wyatt (-400) vs. John Cena (+250)
  • Rhea Ripley (-220) vs. Charlotte Flair (+155)

WWE WrestleMania takes places on April 5th, 2020 from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. This year’s event is set to be a big one as it is the first in the era of the big TV contracts that WWE got from USA Network and FOX. There are a lot of rumored big name returns for this year’s event which should make for a noteworthy card.

As of this writing, it is still way too early in the process to identify any possible match-ups as the 2020 Royal Rumble hasn’t even taken place yet. The winner of the two Rumble matches will challenge for one of the titles for both the men and women. The early favorite is Shayna Baszler for the women who would be expected to challenge Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s Championship. These two have some history after their Survivor Series confrontation as well as the obvious Shayna/Ronda Rousey connection. The current men’s favorite is Roman Reigns who would be expected to challenge The Fiend Bray Wyatt for the WWE Universal Championship.

With Brock Lesnar entering the Royal Rumble himself, he is expected to have a challenger come from the results of that match. A lot of rumors here with names like John Cena, Edge, and CM Punk, but nothing is set in stone.

As of this moment, 888 Sports has a few props up for the event. Let’s take a look at those.

WWE WrestleMania 36 Betting Odds:

  • To make an appearance at the listed event:
    Donald Trump – YES (+700) / NO (-2000)
    The Rock – YES (+108) / NO (-150)
    The Undertaker – YES (-345) / NO (+225)

  • Live broadcast of the event to finish (go off the air) after midnight US Eastern Time
    YES (-106) / NO (-134)

  • Announced attendance at the event:
    67,500 or more (-295)
    Under 67,500 (+200)

  • Both Royal Rumble 2020 winners to win the Championship they respectively challenge for during the event:
    YES (-155) / NO (+110)
  • Men Royal Rumble 2020 winner to win the Championship challenged for during the event:
    YES (-400) / NO (+250)
  • Women Royal Rumble 2020 winner to win the Championship challenged for during the event:
    YES (-190) / NO (+134)
  • Gender of the last match on the main card:
    Male (-400) / Female (+250)

  • Brand of the last match on the main card:
    Raw (+110) / Smackdown (-250) / NXT (+600)

All of these odds are really tough to bet on without having an idea of the card, but I’ll do my best to read the tea leaves on some of them.

Will the show go past midnight eastern time? I am thinking yes on this one. This show seems to go on longer and longer every year and we’ve yet to see them learn their lesson about it. Even after they caused such a huge transit problem with stranded fans last year.

The over on the attendance is probably set way too low. The record for Raymond James Stadium is 74,512 for the 2017 CFP National Championship Game and WWE loves nothing more than to lie about shattering stadium records. It’s the reason they like to go to stadiums after the Super Bowl has been there, so they can announce a higher number.

Both Royal Rumble winners to win the titles they challenge for is a much harder question. Last year both won, but the year before neither won. I think we have to look at the projected winners and if we’re going by the favorites, I don’t see it happen. Roman Reigns, I definitely see winning. Shayna Baszler against Becky Lynch? That’s a bit more of a toss-up and I can see The Man getting it done there. No on the Women Royal Rumble winner feels like the best bet here.

After last year and the lack of Ronda Rousey, I just don’t see the women main eventing this year. They definitely took a step back in importance this year and Becky Lynch vs. Shayna Baszler just doesn’t have the same oomph as some of these other potential matches.

Finally, the main event odds seem to be assuming a match between Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt to main event. Honestly, I doubt it. As great as Roman is, I don’t see that match being very good and high profile enough. The main event is likely to be Brock Lesnar against whoever his challenger ends up being. That is likely to be the match with the two biggest stars and the biggest draw. Cena vs. Lesnar, please.

I’ll have more as this process goes on and we get closer to the big event.

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