WWE Championship and Universal Championship match odds for Royal Rumble released

The WWE Royal Rumble takes place this Sunday and we have odds on the two big championship matches from BetOnline.

While all the eyes are going to be on the Royal Rumble matches and that is the big draw, the WWE is putting up two big title matches that could surprise.

Roman Reigns will defend against Kevin Owens and this one might have a little more bite if it wasn’t the third time these two have faced each other. It seemed all along that Owens would just be a stepping stone on the way to a big WrestleMania match for Roman and that is exactly what this looks to be.

The betting odds reflect that with Roman Reigns being a big -800 favorite and, honestly, I would’ve expected him to be an even bigger favorite. This close to WrestleMania with Roman doing some of the best work of his career is not the time to switch the title.

You can bet Kevin Owens at +425, but honestly that seems like throwing money away to me. The match could be very good, as the last two have been, but Roman is not going to lose this Last Man Standing match.

The more intriguing title match is Goldberg challenging Drew McIntyre for the WWE championship. The odds on this one are pretty close with Drew being just a -250 favorite. This is probably reactionary in part because of last year’s Super ShowDown when Goldberg was a +525 underdog against Bray Wyatt and pulled off that upset.

Drew is recovering from COVID and while I don’t doubt that he had it, I do have my suspicions of why WWE has been mentioning it so often. They haven’t mentioned even the mere existence of the virus until this feud and it has me wondering if they are building in an excuse for a title change. Conspiracy theory? Maybe, but no matter what Vince McMahon says, this is still professional wrestling and I wouldn’t put it past them.

You can bet Goldberg at +170 and I think I will do exactly that. Another big thing we have to think of is that WrestleMania is going to be on the Peacock streaming service this year and that is likely to be a huge deal with a ton of promotion. Goldberg is a big name that a lot of people know and recognize, putting him on the poster for that event with the media push is going to draw some eyeballs. A lot of them will be rolling back in people’s head, but it will still draw some eyeballs.

I have no idea who would be on that poster alongside Goldberg, but I’m sure they’ll come up with something. Brock Lesnar would be a fun choice, even if it is the hilarious choice. (Brock is currently +600 in Royal Rumble odds.) It would also fit perfectly into the notion that WrestleMania isn’t about current stars whatsoever.

Royal Rumble Betting Odds

  • Drew McIntyre (-250) vs. Goldberg (+170)
  • Roman Reigns (-800) vs. Kevin Owens (+425)

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