WWE Draft 2020 Betting Odds

The 2020 WWE Draft will begin this Friday on October 9 with SmackDown and will conclude on October 12 with Monday Night RAW. The Draft is said to include NXT wrestlers as well, but there has been no official word one way or the other.

WWE has done some weird things with these drafts over the years and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some more of that here. In the past we’ve seen a wrestler move in the middle of a storyline and then that storyline just kind of fizzling out. It’s really hard to say what we are going to see here, but expect plenty of moves to justify the two-night event.

That storyline scenario seems likely to play out with Sasha Banks and Bayley. These two have been building a feud for what seems like years and it’s finally ready to blow off at Hell in a Cell so what possible better time to split them up? It’s only one of the best storylines in the company.

There are no odds on NXT, but there is a laundry list of wrestlers there who are long past time of needing to be called up. The entire Undisputed Era is ready for primetime and have done literally all they can do except for break-up. Io Shirai, Candice LeRae, Rhea Ripley, and Dakota Kai are all ready for the main roster. Plus, did you know that Damien Priest is 38!?

The rules of the draft, thanks to Ryan Satin:

  • More than 60 Male Superstars, Female Superstars and Tag Teams have been placed into The 2020 WWE Draft
  • Since Friday Night SmackDown is a two-hour show and Monday Night RAW is a three-hour show, for every two picks SmackDown has, RAW will get three picks
  • Tag Teams still count as one pick unless FOX or USA Network (in conjunction with WWE Officials) wants to pick one Superstar from the team
  • Any undrafted Superstars will immediately be declared free agents and be able to “sign” with the brand of their choosing

Satin also has the list of draft-eligible wrestlers including Retribution which is pretty funny if you ask me.

Complete odds for 2020 WWE Draft from 888 Sport are below.

Raw Roster Moves to SmackDown Betting Odds:

  • Asuka – YES +400
  • Drew McIntyre – YES +400
  • Kevin Owens – YES -250 / NO +175
  • Nia Jax – YES +160
  • Peyton Royce – YES +120
  • Randy Orton – YES +108 / NO -150
  • Seth Rollins – YES -134 / NO -150
  • Shayna Baszler – YES +150

I have a really hard time seeing Drew McIntyre switching brands while he is still Champion, but I could see both Women’s champions switching. That’s just a very WWE move and Asuka might be worth a bet.

Owens seems like a surefire bet to switch, but I’m not sure I’d bet this because I could almost see him heading to NXT if they are involved.

Peyton Royce feels like a good bet as she has been getting a push of late. The Women’s Tag Team Champions, Baszler and Jax, are decent bets to move.

It looks like one of Rollins or Orton is going to move, but I’m just not sure how that plays out. Roman Reigns is the heel star of SmackDown and he doesn’t need one of these two on the show taking heat away from him.

SmackDown Roster Moves to Raw Betting Odds:

  • AJ Styles – YES -770 / NO +400
  • Alexa Bliss – YES +108
  • Baron Corbin – YES -200 / NO +140
  • Bayley – YES +200
  • Braun Strowman – YES -500 / NO +300
  • Bray Wyatt – YES +120
  • Otis – YES +200
  • Roman Reigns – YES +700

Apparently AJ Styles is going to Raw based on these odds. I’d almost bet him as a NO at +350 because him as a face could be a good challenger to heel Roman down the road. The two had a great feud a few years ago with the roles reversed and there is no reason to think it won’t be equally successful with the alignments flipped.

Like a tag team, Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt should be a package deal. I can see Wyatt heading to Raw as a “big name”.

Baron Corbin? Sure, whatever. Who cares. Bet yes.

I said above that I can see the Women’s champions switching. Bayley heading to Raw then losing her title to Sasha at Hell in a Cell is such a WWE move.

To get ready for the Draft, WWE has put two huge matches on this Friday’s Smackdown.

WWE Smackdown October 9th Betting Odds:

  • Bray Wyatt (-770) vs. Kevin Owens (+400)
    • Match finish: Pinfall or Submission (-400) / Any other method (+250)
  • Bayley (+108) vs. Sasha Banks (-150)
    • Match finish: Pinfall or Submission (+225) / Any other method (-345)

Is Kevin Owens worth a pick here just because of his odds? I can’t decide. In a lot of ways, Owens is like the Tommy Dreamer of WWE as he can lose 1000 times and still be the same guy. While Bray Wyatt needs to win every single match and look like a scary guy just to keep his character alive. Probably not worth a bet, but who knows with this company.

Bayley vs. Sasha Banks is almost surely to end with a weird finish to set up their rumored Hell in a Cell match. I could maybe see a deal where Sasha wins because Bayley runs away then they do the Cell match so she can’t run away. LAYERED.

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