WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 Betting Odds

WWE Hell in a Cell is this Sunday, but you would hardly know it. All of the focus of the week has been on the “season premiere” of Monday Night Raw, the Wednesday Night War battle between NXT and AEW, and the big SmackDown premiere this Friday night. Hell in a Cell has taken a backseat despite three big matches announced. The WWE’s focus is, rightfully so, on Fox on Friday night and whatever ends up happening Sunday is a bonus.

There are some big matches this weekend though with all three of the announced matches being pretty well built. The Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns against Luke Harper and Erick Rowan story has been going on since before SummerSlam. That’s one of the longer stories in recent WWE history that isn’t just filled with rematch clauses.

There is also two title matches that the betting odds see the challengers as big favorites. Both Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch are underdogs in their Hell in a Cell title matches. It could end up being a pretty eventful show.

Let’s take a look at the odds from 5Dimes:

(Note: 888Sport did not have odds listed as of this publication.)

WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 Betting Odds:

  • Bray Wyatt (-500) vs. Seth Rollins (+334)
  • Sasha Banks (-310) vs. Becky Lynch (+230)
  • Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns (-265) vs. Erick Rowan & Luke Harper (+185)
  • What match will go longer? Raw Women’s Championship match (-230) or Universal Championship match (+170)

We’ll start with the big Universal title match between THE FIEND Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins. This one is a fait accompli. Bray Wyatt is the monster on the monster push right now and him losing this one would throw it all away. Whatever you think of this new character, he pretty much has to win here. I think that Seth Rollins joining Team Hogan for the Saudi Arabia show is a huge red flag. You expect me to believe that they aren’t going to have a Universal title match at their big Saudi Arabia show and have their champion in a meaningless five versus five match? Yeah, right. The Fiend era starts on Sunday. Spooky.

The Raw women’s title match also seems headed for a title change. Sasha Banks made her big return to the ring on the night after SummerSlam and this has been about the hottest feud in the company. Becky Lynch has held this title since WrestleMania and Sasha Banks return has been a hot story so a title change here does makes some sense. That said, with a draft coming and Becky being one of the few true stars in the company, I have just enough faith that Becky can retain here.

The only thing stopping me from thinking that Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns are anything but a slam dunk here is, where do they go from here? Do Bryan and Roman just win and it’s over? That doesn’t really seem like the m.o. of WWE right now. I could see something happening here to set up a Survivor Series match with these two teams at the center. That is just pure speculation. The answer very well could be that one of these two are going to face THE FIEND next and a win here should set them up nicely.

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